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June 17th, 2011

Hello Again

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Wow, I had a blog? Turns up when the bill from 1&1 shows up on my credit card, yeah, I have a blog.

It's certainly been a while.

I did get to have some fun. Went on a group trip on a Carnival Cruise to Europe on the first voyage of the Carnival Magic [caution: the page plays audio]. So I went with three other ladies in one cabin with two bathrooms and one toilet. If we had one bathroom someone might have been tossed overboard. I'll put a few pics up in a little while but I have a lot of resizing to do because I bought a new camera 14.1MP vs the 3.1 I was using since college. Wow, what a difference! I'll probably review the camera I purchased for the trip in a post or so.

So where'd I go?

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Sicily (Taormina)
Naples (Herculanium, Positano, Sorrento)
and we would have made it to Monaco if it wasn't for the port being closed due to high winds.

The exchange rate killed me. $1 = 0.66 Euros

I'm not sure its because two of us had enough Spanish language skills to get around, or it was just Barcelona, but people were really the nicest in Barcelona. The food was the best in Positano, and the gelato was the best at the Trevi fountain. If you face the fountain at the 12 position, the gelato was at your 5.

We got to Rome a week after the Beatification of JPII, and I may have just cut off the current Pope's motorcade on foot. Who else rides in a black Mercedes with tinted windows following behind other cars and a pair of police motorcycles? Some of the staff of the Carnival Magic said they got a photo of a person with a distinctly white hat in a car matching that description when pedestrians (aka myself and friends) walked in front of it. Had to be the Pope, since any other Italian would have run us over.

On the home front. Gran took ill while I was away with double pneumonia. She's is in a nursing home and cannot come back to live with my parents because caring for her now includes lifting her - which they can't manage once a day, much less multiple times a day. Her home has been on the market for the last 16 days.

On the bloggy front: SPAM. Tons and tons of spam. Any post will be up for a week before I close comments to avoid this. My apologies.

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